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The lessons include animated videos, exercises, worksheets, blog posts and valuable tips that you can apply immediately to your own meetings to save time and money, lessen stress, and create a shared mental model to deepen your understanding of meetings. Sign up for ten free tips.

Unlock the power of the four Model Meetings types:

  • Learning. Become a true learning organization
  • Innovation. Generate new ideas and solutions
  • Commitment. Make the right decisions faster
  • Alignment. Accelerate with focused collaboration

A framework based on decades of experience – informed by culture and data, and powered by people.

Model Meetings was created by a group of people passionate about improving organizational efficiency throough better meetings. Every major project and initiative at a company is mediated through meetings – wouldn't you want those meetings to be as effective as possible?

What companies are saying about Science House and the Model Meetings framework:

"Science House is a place to think about problems that really matter in new, creative ways."

– Bracken Darrell
President & CEO, Logitech
“A highly engaged partner that works closely with us in a holistic way to achieve greatly increased velocity and morale. They understand the business and technical side of our ambitions."

– Michelle Epps, SVP IT & CIO, FedEx Freight
“Working with Science House feels like opening a door to a new world of imagination, and new ways to frame the creative process. I look for opportunities to introduce Science House’s methods, including Model Meetings."

— Mike Smith, Chief Product & Technology Officer, Barclays

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With Fortune 500 companies, for example, we have driven more than a 50% reduction in time spent in meetings, and a 50% increase in the output of software developers as they get more unbroken blocks of time to dedicate to focused work. Our consulting work is supported by the Model Meetings Engine, and your data is always secure – read more about our SOC 2 attestation.

We get people out of unproductive meeting that can be put to more productive use, all while improving employee morale.