A framework to get the most out of your meetings

We created Model Meetings to help organizations achieve speed to market, clarity, cost savings and align meetings with organizational goals – all with less stress and frustration.

The course has a variety of videos, text, exercises and quizzes to help reinforce the material. It is self-paced so you can reflect on the material, review the previous lessons and apply what you've learned. The course takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete. You will gain insights with each lesson and will be able to apply your new knowledge immediately to your own meetings, and at the end you will earn a certificate to recognize you for successful completion of the course.

After completing the course you will have the tools to:

• Boost clarity and purpose of meetings

• Advance the goals of the organization

• Free up time for focus, thinking and work

• Improve facilitation techniques

• Create more powerful agendas

• Respond to distractions during meetings

• Develop and track meeting assets

How will this benefit my organization?

Clearer meeting structure

Generate more ideas

Faster decision making

Improve team alignment

Four Sample Course Topics


What is a Meeting?

Meetings are a collaboration of time and energy to produce a valuable asset. The results should match the investment.


Principles of Meetings

Thinking about meetings differently saves your time, reduces stress and leads to better outcomes.


Meeting Behaviors

The four meeting types have different energy and mindsets. They shouldn't all feel the same.


Intro to Meeting Types

Learn how to design better meetings by understanding what you need and how to achieve it.

The Four Meeting Types

Each meeting type has a different set of associated behaviors. Throughout the courses, you will learn about the 4 pillars that make up the different meeting types.


Become a true learning organization.


Generate new ideas and solutions.


Make the right decisions faster.


Accelerate with focused collaboration.

Ready to learn more?

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